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Farage attacks IFAs as he launches ‘financial freedom’ newsletter

Brexit champion Nigel Farage has attacked brokers and IFAs for feeding clients “the same tired old lines” as he launches a new daily financial ‘wealth builder’ newsletter.

His new project – Fortune & Freedom – offers a daily email newsletter to followers providing tips and guidance on building wealth to seek ‘financial freedom.’

In his promotion for the new project he says: “I’ll never try to bamboozle you with jargon, like so many financial professionals try to do – usually to justify their huge salaries and fees.”

He promises: “I’ll show you the opportunities and ideas to help grow your wealth in a New Britain, unleashed after Brexit.”

The service is not regulated but is being produced in tandem with an FCA-regulated business called Southbank Investment Research Limited.

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Southbank Investment Research is a financial newsletter publisher. Its newsletters include: Crypto Profits Extreme, Dynamic Investment Trends Alert, Frontier Tech Investor, Gold Stock Fortunes, New Drug Speculator and the Fleet Street Letter.

It is not clear how revenue will be generated for the business although the company says that the daily email is free but will include “carefully selected advertising messages.”

In his offer to consumers the former metals trader says: “It’s time to take control of your money…Or someone else will. I know that there is nothing more important than having control over your finances.

“And I know that many of the people who currently control your money, sadly, do not care about how it all ends up for you.

“You have real ambitions for your money – because it means so much. For you, and your family. No one is prepared to stand up and show you what is really happening. Your politicians are too scared to rock the boat.

Your brokers and IFAs feed you the same tired lines and old stocks they feed everyone else.”

He promises to send his views and suggestions on building wealth to consumers who sign up for his daily newsletter. He describes the busines as a “new project – a new fight” and promises to help “grow your wealth.”

Mr Farage lost his lucrative radio show on LBC radio recently after a station reshuffle.

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