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Old Mill set for 2021 planner recruitment drive

West Country-based Financial Planning firm Old Mill is planning to expand and recruit more Financial Planners in 2021 following the completion of a three year restructuring programme.

Old Mill head of wealth management and Chartered Financial Planner Paula Hodge talks about the firm’s plans in an exclusive article in the latest issue of Financial Planning Today magazine.

The company currently employs 300 staff at offices in Wells, Yeovil, Exeter and Melksham and took on 17 new starters in 2020.

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The firm combines Financial Planning and accountancy practices.

Ms Hodge said following the re-organisation of the firm it was now ready to recruit more Financial Planners in the coming year.

Ms Hodge added: We’ve always had an open-door recruitment policy and when the pandemic started, took the view right from the outset that we wanted to emerge from it in a stronger position than when we went in. 

“Over the last three years, we’ve spent time re-structuring the Financial Planning business to ensure we have the right level of scalable support to enable us to continue to grow. We’re now in a position to take on more Financial Planners and more client work.”

She is a strong supporter of the Financial Planning profession and believes Financial Planning has great attractions as a career.

She said: “People have always needed financial advice but it is more essential than ever. If you have a genuine passion for helping your clients, Financial Planning is a great profession to be in right now.”

Read the full Q&A in this special preview link to the issue: Financial Planning Today Magazine Preview

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