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Paraplanner pens a poem for Paraplanning


To mark World Poetry Day on Sunday leading Paraplanner Caroline Stuart FPFS has penned an ‘Ode to Paraplanning.’

Chartered Financial Planner Ms Stuart, owner of Sparrow Paraplanning and Vice President of the Personal Finance Society, said she was inspired to write

the poem to highlight in a fun way the important role of Paraplanners play and also to provide a break from a hectic end of tax year.

She posted the poem on business networking site LinkedIn.

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She said: “Like most Paraplanners I spend a lot of my time trying to develop my writing skills. I’ve been writing a lot of tax year end reports lately though, so as it’s nearly World Poetry Day, I thought it would be refreshing to write something completely different. 

“I also thought it might be fun for people to read something a bit different! I don’t think I’ll be changing careers anytime soon though!’”

This is her poem:

An Ode to Paraplanning

If you’re a doctor, accountant or dentist, everyone knows the job that you do,

But pity the poor Paraplanner, as most folks just won’t have a clue.

‘I help people look into the future, and give peace of mind where I can,

Not with their tealeaves or tarot cards, but by building their financial plan’.


We help your advisers and planners, to get you where you want to be,

we’re part of Team Financial Planning, but the ones you often don’t see.

We’re those who crunch all the numbers, analysing the stuff that you’ve got,

We review all your investments and ISAs, and what’s in that old pension pot.


So, if you meet a Paraplanner in future, then you’ll know just what we do.

Surprise them by knowingly nodding, and saying, yes, I’ve heard about you.

It’s a pleasure to meet one in person, I hear they’re a fantastic lot,

A profession to be proud to be part of, but honestly, their poetry skills could be improved, as quite frankly, they’re a bit rubbish.

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