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Paraplanners team up to meet Financial Planner demand

Plan Works has partnered with Siân Davies Cole, to grow the firm’s outsourced service to Financial Planners.

Nathan Fryer established Plan Works in 2013 and has effectively run it as a one-man operation until now. Ms Davies Cole will be joining the business as a partner and director.

Mr Fryer and Ms Davies Cole met through their mutual involvement in the Paraplanner Assembly organisation where they had both run sessions at the national gathering.

The firm recently moved to new offices in Nutfield, Surrey, but Davies Cole will work remotely from Bristol. 

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Mr Fryer said: “I had got to the stage where I was happy with the business as it was and needed a fresh pair of eyes and added stimulus to help take it to the next level. So I advertised a position and was very pleased when Siân responded, as she brings a wealth of experience and expertise not just as a paraplanner but in running teams and in business operations and procedures implementation.

“Plan Works has been built on quality and integrity, working with advice firms that have the client very firmly at the centre of everything they do. It is that quality of firm that we will continue to work with.

“Bringing a partner into the business enhances decision-making, balances the running of the business and allows for greater focus on quality and development.”

Ms Davies Cole said the intention was to first bed-in the new partnership and then look at what resources were needed.

She said: “We intend to grow organically, through referrals, which tends to generate the right kind of business for a firm of our size and we’ll likewise grow the business one member of staff at a time, probably starting with an administrator as support for Nathan and me as the paraplanners.”

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