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Save 50% on Financial Planning Today Magazine

The latest edition of Financial Planning Today Magazine is out and includes an exclusive Cover Feature on how Financial Planning professionals are leaping the hurdles created by the pandemic.

Leading Financial Planners share their growth stories and insider tips on staying ahead of the challenges caused by the pandemic. 

Other highlights include:

• Paraplanners share their working from home ‘highs and lows’

• A poignant Planner Casebook on how one leading Financial Planner helped a family cope with the devastating loss of a loved one

• James Mackay of Frazer James on reaching “overlooked and under-served” nextgen clients

• Wes Nixon of Kelsall Steele on his move from compliance to Financial Planning and his client management philosophy

• Cedric Bucher of Hearthstone Investments on why property fund restrictions may turn out to be a wise move

• Susan Ring of Link Group on the outlook for dividends

• Plus contributions from Keith Richards, Jacqueline Lockie, Chloe Moran, Julie Lord, Fraser Donaldson, Keith Churchouse and many more experts and commentators.

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