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Standard Life wrap increases control for Planners

Standard Life has added a number of new services on its wrap platform to support Financial Planners and improve the experience of their clients following feedback from advisers.

A new client portal offers Financial Planners the ability to personalise online user experience for their clients. The Planner decides how much information is available to each of their clients using the portal. The portal can also be configured to incorporate the Planner’s branding, contact details, and preferred asset class tier view and return calculation.

The upgrade also gives Planners more control over reporting. A new simplified report enables them to share a snapshot of their client’s account in an easy to understand format, supporting both consistent reporting and ease of use.

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The platform noted that Planners can use this with clients to provide key information at a glance, as well as supporting conversations, especially on a remote basis.  It said that this functionality will be particularly useful for clients that “don’t want all the detail or aren’t interested in accessing information digitally”.

The platform also upgraded security and accessibility with a new authentication process.

Noel Butwell, CEO of Standard Life said: “These developments are as a direct result of listening to and understanding what advisers need to support their businesses. The continuous investment we’re making in our Wrap platform’s reporting capabilities will help advisers manage clients in a world where demand for more personalised digital experiences continues to grow. I’m delighted we can continue to enhance the experience we can offer them and their clients in spite of the unprecedented times we find ourselves.

“The client portal and reporting improvements have been in the works for some time. These haven’t been developed in direct response to Covid-19, but the technology’s value has certainly been underlined by the pandemic. Today, clients want instant access to a clear a view of their finances. The technology allows them to do so independently, giving advisers more capacity in their business or time to support clients with more complex requests.”

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